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When we decide to travel, we always look for a flight search engine, another hotel search engine, all of this to always guarantee the best cost-benefit. Why would the loan be any different? With a loan seeker you can see the interest rates charged by all the companies that offer credit.

What is a Loan Seeker?

What is a Loan Seeker?

The great difference of the Loan seeker is that after you make the payday loan application with us, you will receive from 1 to 10 pre-approved offers and thus decide which is the best option for your pocket.

But in addition the search engine ends up saving you time, in the example of the air tickets, besides you not knowing what the promotions you would also have to go in the page of each airline to know of the values, to write down everything and only later to see which it is worth more feather.

But with the search engine everything is presented to you in the blink of an eye and in order from the cheapest ticket to the most expensive one. At Loan seeker you also have this amenity, all the proposals that you are preapproved, you get everything in 5 minutes everything online and clear 100% free.

  • Advantages of the Payday Loan Finder:

    Payday Loan

  • With the loan seeker after you receive all the offers where you were pre approved, you can see all that is charged by the financial institution, how much you will pay per month after receiving your payday loan without any curling or deception.
    Even if you just want to make a loan with your bank, we advise you to take a look at the loan seeker, there you can see the interest rates charged and that can be yes much below what your bank is proposing for you.
    We know that you trust your bank above all, since it is a renowned institution and you have been a customer for a long time, however you can rest easy as both Loan seeker and all our partners are extremely trustworthy. Loan seeker and all partners do not charge any amount in advance, this indicates that before receiving the loan you must pay absolutely nothing, no fee or any kind of value, we strictly comply with all Brazilian laws.
    A 100% loan finder at your disposal and 24 hours available to you is what we at Loan seeker do for you, many people suspect it is a 100% free process, however our site is very extremely secure and approves of frauds.
  • But what is the best time to apply for credit on your loan seeker?

    But what is the best time to apply for credit on your loan seeker?

  • But what is the best time to apply for credit on your loan seeker?
    We always advise our clients before placing an order with us, see and understand the current state of their financial health. Then we ask that you compare the interest on the loan with those charged in the current debts, and stating that you will pay a lower interest with us then we indicate that you apply for a payday loan.
    If it is approved in many cases the client still has the opportunity to choose with which partner to close the loan. And from a quick and clear, we present all the values ​​referring to all the credit companies that the client was pre approved. This means that we leave on our screen everything that will be paid such as the value of the IOF, so that the customer can know everything he will pay after choosing the proposal. The portions of each partner are also presented to our client so he can measure what is the best form of payment for his pocket.
    We also indicate the loan for those who need to study, travel or make a renovation, since if all documents are delivered on the same day, the loan money can also fall into the client’s account within working hours after signing the contract. Which greatly facilitates for those who need an urgent loan.
  • How to apply for a loan online?

     Remembering that only the personal payday loan that does not need to put any good as collateral, refinancing you place your home or your car. Once you choose the best payday loan for your pocket, you fill out the application to the end.


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