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ICF Foundations


ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) Foundations
KCI uses Logix Isulated Forms for there poured foundations.

  1. Logix forms provides an insulation value of R-24 to your foundation walls.
  2. A Logix wall is 8.5 times stronger than a wood framed wall if used for upper main floor walls.
  3. Logix walls have a 3-hour fire rating as opposed to 15 minutes for a comparable wood framed wall.

Projects that have used Logix and ICF Foundations include:

  • 408 Cardinal Dr.
  • 300 South Brook Circle
  • 104 Alexander Ct
  • Lake Washington
  • 301 Webster Ave.
  • Judson Bottom Rd
  • 437 Woodhaven Lane
  • 424 South Brook Circle
  • Pub500
  • 216 Mapleridge Dr
  • 200 Jo Ray Dr 


Pouring Basement Walls





Pouring Upper Walls


Pouring Upper Walls




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