Rules for the selection of a profitable loan in bank

A convenient service dedicated to the field of lending. On the resource are only current offers on credit cards, debit cards, microcredits, consumer loans, mortgages, hull insurance and other offers from leading banks of the Russian Federation.

Bank service features

Bank service features

Bank service allows users to:

  • read informational articles and analytical materials;
  • get acquainted with reviews and comments of other users about the purchased services;
  • compare the best banking products and choose the most suitable option for yourself;
  • leave an online application for the desired bank offer;
  • write a personal review about any material on the site.

The resource offers and helps to form an online application for any proposal of interest.

What is the service for?

What is the service for?


Service produces a quick selection of cards, credit cards and cash loans. The site contains several sections:

  • credit cards;
  • loans;
  • debit cards;
  • loans;
  • installment cards;
  • articles;
  • refinancing.

In the “Credit Cards” section, the user identifies leading advantages such as cash withdrawal, no interest, urgently, no annual maintenance, for retirees, with a bad credit file and others, and selects the appropriate option from the list provided. All applications are submitted online. 

In the “Credits” section, a client can also rely on such parameters as receipt without certificates, without refusal, on a card, in cash, on the same day, on bail, at a low interest rate, from 18 years old, with a certificate, up to 1,000,000 rubles and others. From the submitted proposals choose the appropriate option, based on the conditions of the products.

In the “Debit Cards” section, you can quickly find cards, setting the necessary parameters: with cashback, best, currency, home delivery, premium, miles accumulated, virtual, for children and teenagers, individual design, for pensioners and others. Having chosen the necessary parameters, all offers will appear on the screen. Of all the options to choose a worthwhile option.

In the “Loans” section, users apply for quick microloans on a card or in cash. The conditions of microfinance organizations are different from banking, but MFIs allow you to receive financial assistance on holidays and even at night. Microfinance institutions are more loyal to customers. Bank has collected the best MFI offers. An online application is submitted to a company that meets the requirements. The answer comes very quickly.

Installment cards are banking products that allow you to purchase goods at 0% for a certain period of time. Each card has its own grace period and credit limit. The service has collected the best deals that are available for online ordering.

Here you can find the best offer for refinancing a current loan. The required parameters are set, after which the user becomes familiar with the sentences found.




Credit cards are very popular, so the service picked up the best credit card deals. Denotes several criteria by which the comparison is made. The main advantages are:

  • annual interest rate;
  • amount of credit limit;
  • Grace period;
  • cash back program;
  • additional options.

In the credit card comparison table, the user receives comprehensive information on each product:

  • payment system;
  • cost of service;
  • interest rate;
  • credit limit;
  • cash withdrawal fee;
  • Grace period;
  • cashback;
  • minimum payment;
  • method of obtaining a card and others.

Based on the parameters, the client independently analyzes the products. After that an online application for the most suitable card is submitted. Getting credit cards online is convenient and time saving.

Credit calculator

Credit calculator

With the help of Bank loan calculator you can make a quick loan calculation. To obtain the desired information, specify the necessary parameters: 

  • loan amount;
  • crediting period;
  • annual interest rate;
  • debt repayment scheme.

The program will automatically make a preliminary calculation of the loan. At the bottom of the page is a payment schedule. It includes a payment table divided into principal and interest. Mathematical formulas instantly in online mode will provide data on the specified parameters:

  • the amount of the monthly payment in rubles;
  • the size of the initial loan;
  • total cost;
  • total overpayment;
  • ratio of overpayment as a percentage.

The final line is the total amount of the loan. Here, at the bottom of the page, you can study reviews regarding the work of the calculator. The approximate payment schedule for a future short-term or long-term loan displays data:

  • month number;
  • exact date of payment;
  • amount of monthly payments;
  • the size of the principal in the payment;
  • interest rate in payment;
  • loan balance after payment.

After the payment has been calculated, the system will offer the most popular credit offers from leading banks.

50 rubles per minute

50 rubles per minute

Service Bank offers quickly receive funds on the card or phone. For this you will need to make a repost of any article. To do this, follow the instructions:

  1. Go to any section. Specify a credit card Alpha or other product.
  2. On the page to find the designation of social networks. Choose any and make a repost on the wall.
  3. After that, in the comments indicate the mobile number and give a link to the profile.

The comment is available only to the administrator. The consultant will check the page. If the account meets the requirements, the money is credited to the account. Detailed conditions are available on the official website.

Bank service is a convenient resource that will allow you to receive financial assistance or receive a debit card in a short period. The resource collected all current offers from banks and developed its own rating of products. Users can quickly, by setting all the important parameters, pick up a service.

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