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Applying for credit can be complex for some institutions. Ricco puts an end to this “obstacle course” by offering a simple and effective online solution. Explanations.

Direct payday lenders only: fill in our form in 2 minutes

Nowadays, new technologies have reached a stage of maturity and security sufficient to be able to apply for an online credit to finance all your projects (travel, equipment, works) by contacting a trusted partner, such as a research organization. This solution offers several advantages.

This represents a saving of time since all the procedures are done online and/or by mail without having to go back and forth with the bank.

The request for a payday loan online direct lender as green-touch notes can be made anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your needs.

You benefit from support by specialized advisers by email or phone who can explain all steps step by step.

Why apply for credit online with Ricco?

Ricco makes every effort to facilitate your online credit application by providing you with a quick, easy and secure technical solution that allows you to get a quick answer and then follow the processing of the file step by step! You start by simulating the personal loan you need by choosing the amount or the monthly repayment, then fill out an information form. Based on the information provided, you get an immediate policy response. Then all you have to do is print the contract (you can receive it by mail) and send it back signed with all the supporting documents. If you are already a Ricco customer, you can finalize your application by electronic signature. Complete your online application, download your vouchers, and sing your application directly online!

Supporting documents to apply for credit online

Ricco, like any personal lending institution , obviously asks you to provide certain supporting documents to prove the information provided in the information form to ensure your identity and creditworthiness: copy of a piece of identification, copy of proof of address, copy of the payslip for employees, copy of the tax notice for the self-employed, a bank account, etc. These supporting documents will be attached to your loan agreement and the authorization of samples.

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